March 2019 | Intentions


March 1, 2019

Amanda Olivia Photography

Happy March Friends!

I don’t know about you but I’m excited for a few key things this month: Daylight Savings Time and SPRING! Yup…this is really what I am most excited about this month! Bring on the extra daylight!

Winter is always a rough season for me. The dark dreary days, cold weather, and little sunlight are a recipe for sluggishness and exhaustion. I experience this every Winter, yet each year it catches me off guard. So the fact that I’ll be getting a little more sunshine and longer days fills my soul with happiness!

The first few months of 2019 were filled with lots of organizing, a dear family loss, moving, and setting good intentions and routines for the year ahead. With some deep digging and evaluations I’m starting to get more traction right about now. And with more sunshine and brighter days ahead, I’m happy to start more openly sharing my intentions in each sector of my life (personal, graduate school, and photography) with you all each month!

March 2019 Intentions

Personal Intentions:

  • Continue working on implementing a night time/ morning routine that works for me. Reading the Miracle Morning really inspired me to give my mornings more structure and I’ve been working on this for the past month. This month I want to try incorporating some of the nighttime meditations with the Headspace app and utilize Sleep Pillow.
  • Start half marathon training
  • Participate in giving up social media during the Lent season (March 6 – April 18) to focus on a lot of deep work. More to come on this tomorrow!
  • Finish unpacking and settle into my new home!
  • Read 4 books!

Grad School Intentions:

  • Prepare and have a successful committee meeting
  • Submit a conference abstract
  • Submit several grant applications
  • Continue collecting and analyzing data for my projects

Photography Intentions:

  • Have a successful branding shoot to show more of the beautiful heirloom and ancestry work happening here at AOP!
  • Write blog posts and share more on building an intentional marriage
  • Work on preparing a genealogy guide for YOU!
  • Photograph a sweet wedding

I’d love to hear what your intentions are this March. Share with me what intention you are most looking forward to this month below in the comments.


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