How Does This Look: Dressing For Your Body


September 20, 2018

Welcome to our 4th post in our six-part series called “How Does This Look?”, where we are walking you through all the elements of picking the right look for your next photo session!

Before you move on to today’s topic be sure to check out our first three topics:

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Now today we’re talking all about…Dressing for your body!

Disclaimer this post is directed towards women and finding clothes that fit women’s bodies appropriately.

No matter what body type you have you should totally rock what you have and pick out clothes that accentuate your best features in the right ways.

Over on Toyin’s blog, she goes through each of the body types (Pear, Apple, Hourglass, and Athletic) and how to style each best! So head here to check out her post on ‘Dressing for Your Body’!

I’m going to focus on other aspects of Dressing for Your Body here:


Appropriate Undergarments are Key

Now, this may seem like a weird place to start, but it’s so necessary! Think about the following:

  • What kind of bra, pasties, skin bras, etc. do you need to wear to look best under your outfit? You don’t want to have bra straps hanging out in your images!
  • What color bra and underwear should you wear? I always recommend neutral skin tone colors so you won’t see them through your clothes especially if you’re wearing light colors.
  • Do you need to wear Spanx, a slip, or any other undergarments to help make your clothes fall appropriately? No matter how teeny tiny you are sometimes Spanx are needed under those tight dresses to help the fabric fall correctly.
  • Do you need to wear tights or socks? If so be sure that if they’re showing in the photos that they match your outfit well and don’t draw attention away from your look.


Does it look too tight? If so, it probably is!

No matter your body type, you have outfits that look good on you and accentuate your natural beauty. So don’t try and wear things that don’t fit you appropriately. If you put something on and it feels a little too tight or looks a little too tight, it probably is! You don’t want your clothes to look too tight in photos or for you to feel uncomfortable the entire time during your shoot. So if you’ve never worn the outfit before try it on beforehand and make sure you feel it fits appropriately.

Don’t forget to head over to Toyin’s blog post and read all about the different body types and specifics on how to dress for each!

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