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August 3, 2018

Picking the season in which you’ll get married is such a fun part of the wedding planning process. Some couples know instantly what time of year they want to get married and others take some time considering all their options.

We’re a fan of all seasons (truly!), but we understand there are different challenges that come with each season. To help you learn some of the pros and cons of achieving beautiful portraits during your wedding, we’ve laid out challenges and things to consider during every season.


We love a romantic white Winter wedding! They’re absolutely gorgeous! However, because of the short days, Winter weddings take a little extra planning. In the Winter months, the sun can set around 4 pm. This means that all of your portraits need to be done before then! This is no problem at all if you’re planning a late afternoon wedding. However, if you’re planning on an evening ceremony, we’ll need to push portraits to before the ceremony to achieve those bright beautiful film images you love.


Spring weddings are beautiful with all the fresh blooms and green everywhere! However, lots of blooms = lots of red eyes and allergies. I recommend having some Claritin and Zyrtec on hand just in case any allergies flare up during your portraits. You don’t want red eyes and runny noses during your portrait session.  But we promise these beautiful blooms will make for some beautiful portraits.


Summer weddings are great because there is so much daylight which means we have plenty of time to get beautiful portraits throughout your whole wedding day. What a luxury! Usually, sunset is around 8:30 pm in the Summer so you’ll need to plan on sneaking out of your reception for just a few minutes to get your sunset portraits. We promise it will only take a few minutes and you won’t miss much time away from family and friends. It’s so worth it! These portraits are always amazing!


Fall weddings have so many beautiful colors and it’s usually nice and cool outside. You’ll get such beautiful portraits with lovely pops of orange, yellow, and red. Fall portrait times can really vary by date so we will be sure to discuss your portrait plan once we talk through your timeline.

All seasons have their pros, we recommend that you pick the season that best represents you as a couple and will make your wedding dreams come true! We love photographing weddings in every season and will help you put together an ideal timeline for your wedding so you achieve beautiful portraits no matter the season you pick!

Want to learn more about what you should consider for planning a wedding during each season? Stay tuned for our tips and tricks to achieving the wedding of your dreams during any season.


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