3 Tips to Photographing Your Proposal

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March 29, 2018

You’re going to propose! You’ve got a ring in hand, a plan, and you’re ready! You’ve even hired a photographer to document the moment.

Photographing proposals is becoming more and more popular and I LOVE IT! This is such an important moment and will be a great memory in your relationship, so documenting it is a great idea. Proposals happen quickly, they are full of all the happy emotions, and then they’re over….Just. Like. That. Having your proposal photographed will allow you to cherish this moment through photographs forever.

However, having your proposal photographed can take a little bit of planning and work! Here are 3 tips to having a photographer present without spoiling the big surprise:


1. Propose in a place where a photographer can blend into the background.

If you propose in a location where a photographer would naturally be then the photographer doesn’t have to hide at all. The photographer can blend into the scene and your bride-to-be will never be the wiser. Your photographer can pretend to be photographing something else entirely, and then once the big question is popped, they can move their focus over to you and get everything. Often your bride-to-be will be so involved in the moment she might not even recognize that the camera is now pointing at her.

Here are some example locations for this scenario:

  • Public Locations (i.e. – Park, Trails, Restaurant)
  • Popular Tourist / Photography Spots (i.e. – Downtown, College Campus, National Park, Theme Park)
  • Big Events (i.e. – Concert, Performance, Art Fair, Sports Game)
  • A celebration where a photographer is already expected (i.e. – Birthday Party, Anniversary, Family Session)

2. Hide Your Photographer And Blend Them Into The Scene As Much As Possible

This is a little tricky, but can always be done! This is always the most fun option too as the photographer! If you go with this option do a little extra planning ahead of time with your photographer. You will need to have a specific plan, good direction, and a specific hiding spot for your photographer ahead of time. If you cannot meet with your photographer beforehand, make sure you can clearly mark the photographer’s hiding spot and communicate this with them. This way your photographer can know where to hide and be ready to go!

Here are some examples for how the photographer can hide in this scenario:

  • The photographer hides in the natural surroundings (i.e. – bushes, trees, landscape) and shoots through the hiding place.
  • The photographer hides around the corner and then slowly sneaks out to shoot the proposal once you’re on your knee!
  • The photographer hides in a balcony or shots from a window in a nearby building. This allows the photographer to capture the proposal without being directly in the scene.


3. Propose when she is already expecting a photographer to be around.

This scenario allows for you all to be interacting with the photographer beforehand and pick locations with good lighting in the moment. Your bride-to-be will be camera ready and feeling good! Now guys, the ladies will appreciate this one! They want to look good in those proposal photos.

Here are some examples you could already be in with a photographer in this scenario:

  • Taking holiday portraits
  • Taking family portraits (You have to be comfortable proposing with family around!)
  • Claim to have entered and won a photography session through a contest of some sort

P.S. – Here are some additional things to keep in mind during your proposal:

  • Communicate really well with your photographer beforehand. You want to make sure that you are both on the same page. Leave nothing up to interpretation. You want to make sure your photographer captures this moment beautifully.
  • Leave space in your schedule to take some portraits with your photographer after the proposal is over. Your bride-to-be will LOVE this and you’ll get some additional portraits to remember from this big day!
  • Do a little practice beforehand. If you can, do a practice run through with your photographer so you can both work out any kinks before the actual moment.
  • Get excited!!! You’re about to get married!

Now you’re ready to go! Good luck with your proposal!


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