Chelsea & Zack’s Anniversary Session


January 3, 2018

I hold this session so near and dear to my heart. I feel incredibly lucky to not only have photographed this sweet couple, but to have become good friends with Chelsea (and soon Zack…he doesn’t know it’s coming! ;)). This woman has a heart of gold!

Do you have that friend that just exudes happiness, positivity, and love??? A friend that leaves you feeling energized and positive about everything??? Chelsea is that person for me!

As you can imagine, when we got together for Chelsea and Zack’s anniversary session I was over the moon thrilled! These two are so easy going and loving. It was fun watching them interact behind the camera. Just watching them interact so positively together and lift each other up brought joy to my day. They clearly have a beautiful marriage and I admire all that these two do! I’m so excited I could help them document the beginning years of marriage and give them photos to hang in their new home. They are like a superstar couple y’all!

These two moved to Athens, GA so Zack could continue his education and go to graduate school! Chelsea does so many amazing things that I don’t understand, so I won’t even attempt to explain them! 😉 But, Chelsea is also the most fashionable person I know and has the cutest fashion blog! Bonus…everything she talks about is super affordable! Go check out her blog at Effortlessly Chic!

Chelsea I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for your marriage, your career, your dreams, and our friendship! You have been such a bright spot in my life! Happy Anniversary Chelsea and Zack!


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