7 Things Most Brides Forget on Their Wedding Day


December 5, 2017

Wedding days are hectic! There are loads of people around you, relatives to chat with, timelines to stick to, and the list goes on and on…

Here are SEVEN things that many brides end up forgetting on their wedding day! It’s never intentional… these things just end up slipping our minds. So here is a little reminder to help you remember these few things on your wedding day:

1. Clean those rings! Your rings are going to get photographed on the big day and we want them to look their best. Bring a few Bling Wipes with you in a pinch to clean them off real quick!

2. All three rings! That’s right…don’t hand off the rings to best man quite yet. We’ll need all three rings for your styling your photos. We’ll get the best man the rings after those detail shots.

3. Designate someone to help the guys with their boutonnieres…they always need help, and we don’t want any crocked flowers falling off during the ceremony! Trust me…just assign them a helper! 😉

4. If you want those beautiful outdoor portraits you might need some Heel Stoppers! These little friends will help your heels not sink into the dirt as we walk around photographing your beautiful portraits!

5. Pack snacks! I’ve seen so many brides feel faint, and it’s because they get so busy that they forget to eat. So pack yourself some goodies and…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Take care of yourself!

6. Bring a spare invitation suite with you to the wedding day. It’s nice to have an extra invitation suite to use for photographing your details.

7. Bring comfy shoes! You’ll want to pull those heels off eventually and you surely want to give your feet a rest when you leave the venue. So pack a pair of comfy shoes!

I hope these tips help you during any last minute wedding prep! Happy Planning Friends!


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