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The Contentment Challenge

December 14, 2017

the contentment challenge – week 11

Hello Friends! We’re in week 11 of the #contentmentchallenge ! Can you believe it?!?!

Before we move on the our week 11 challenges, let’s recap some things from week 10:

Last week we talked about – (1) Creating more time for those you love and (2) Creating new ways to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Here is what I’ve been doing:

  • Plan a trip with your family/friends
    • ¬†This year I have decided to plan a trip with my both my best friend and boyfriend in 2018 instead of giving them physical products for Christmas. This way we can have something fun to look forward to, something to plan together, and get some quality time in. I’d rather create memories with them instead of giving them things.
    • I’m flying home after Christmas to visit my family and spend some quality time with them before the New Year gets hectic. I’m excited about this since I missed Christmas with them last year!
    • Overall, I am trying to plan more time with my friends and family instead of giving them things.


  • Find ways to spend more time with your family and friends over the holidays
    • My boyfriend and I have been waking up on Saturdays to make french toast. This has become a fun little tradition we look forward to. It allows us to slow down one day during the week and enjoy each other’s company more.
    • We’re going to go find Christmas lights and drink hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. I’m super excited about this one!
    • I plan on watching lots of Christmas movies with my little sister when I go home
    • Attended/Attending several holiday parties to celebrate my friends
    • Tap dancing at nursing homes with my favorite tapping gals!
    • Spending more down time walking Peabody around my neighborhood

So friends, how have you started living this holiday season? What have you been doing? How are you spending/planning to spend more quality time with your friends and family?

I’ve been doing these few simple things to remind me to truly be present this holiday season:

  • I have been trying to slow down and take in my whole day. This may sound simple, but I rush through so many motions in my life, so this is not simple for me. I often run from one task to the next without even taking in what’s going on around me. So I’m aiming to move a little slower.
  • I’ve started to turn down opportunities and say no to things that don’t directly align with my goals. This means ‘saying no’ to lots of good things.

If you have any helpful tips to share with us, please leave them in the comments below!



  • Continue to find ways to detach from your possessions. For me, this means focusing more on the people in my life. How can you live a more detached life? How can you instead remember and focus on the important things?
  • When you’re feeling a sense of ‘lack’ in your life, try to step back and express your gratitude with what you do have. This means practicing the habit of true gratitude. This is NOT a blanket statement of gratitude for your life, this is instead the practice of taking the time to thank those around you. Slow down and acknowledge these people and that tremendous role they have in your life.


Don’t forget to update us how you’re doing during the #contentmentchallenge ! I’d love to get your feedback and hear how you’re doing!


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