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Gratefuls, The Contentment Challenge

October 10, 2017

The Contentment Challenge – Week 2

Happy (late) Monday!

We’ve officially completed week one of the contentment challenge. I’m already proud of you. This first week was hard!

As you wrap up your first week and start your second take a minute to think about your challenges and successes. What has been hard for you? What has been easy? Have you implemented something good and life giving into your schedule? Have you taken a moment to start going through your closet and declutter? What do you need to change? 

As you begin this week, I encourage you to take a moment to be honest with yourself and figure out what is and isn’t working for you. Then regroup!

Remind yourself why you’re doing this. What is your ‘why’ behind this challenge?

My why –  I want to spend my days intentionally with those I love and get rid of the fluff. I want to save financially for the most important things in life. I want to be content with where I am in this season of life.

Write down your ‘why’ on a sticky note and leave it somewhere you can see each day to remind yourself what is truly important. This sounds silly, but it works!

Week 2 Challenges:

  • Keep up with your journaling and fill your time with activities that bring you joy.
  • Unsubscribe from all those emails you get that tempt you to shop or are cluttering up your life! That’s right…scroll down to the bottom and get those emails out of your inbox! Unroll.Me is a wonderful service that can help you with this!
  • Take intentional time out of your day to spend it with those you love. Put ALL your screens away and have some face time with your people. Life is meant to be spent with people, not screens.
  • If you haven’t gone through your closet yet, just devote 30 minutes this week to going through a section to get you started. Take small steps!

How has your first week gone? I’d love to hear how it’s going! Also, don’t forget to leave some encouragement on social media using #contentmentchallenge . I’ll be back next Monday with more challenges and updates.

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