Tyler & Heather’s Session


September 11, 2017

One of the best things about my job is the friendships I make with my awesome clients! This couple is AWESOME! I don’t think I could emphasize that enough. Their friendship has been such a great blessing in my life, and I’m so thankful that photography brought us together.

I met them for the first time at Lake Herrick on the University of Georgia’s campus, and I could tell I from the beginning I was going to like these people! They pulled up in their car with their two big fur babies (Blossom and Miso).

Side Note: Anyone who wants to incorporate their dogs into their photo session wins extra bonus points right off the bat!

We spent time walking around Lake Herrick taking pictures as we walked the trail, and even took a moment to have a little bubble party with the dogs (see picture below)! Let’s just say the dogs were less than impressed with the bubbles.

Then we wrapped up our session with a little time in the UGA Founder’s Garden.

What I enjoyed most about this couple’s session was witnessing how joyful and playful they are with each other. These two have such a respect for their relationship and each other, and it shows in everything they do together. I will forever cherish this sweet session with these two.

Heather and Tyler, you both amaze me! Thank you for your wonderful friendship!

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