Preparing for your boudoir session


September 7, 2017

It’s normal to be a little nervous leading up to your boudoir session…I mean you’re about to take off your clothes (or most of them) in front of a photographer that you probably don’t know very well! I get it! I’d be nervous too!

But don’t be too nervous. Every client starts out a little nervous but is always chatty and relaxed by the end.

There are a few tips I give all my clients to ease any worries they may have and to help them show up to their session as prepared as possible. After all, you’re doing this to celebrate you and it should be fun!

01. Unless you’re working with a makeup artist and stylist at the shoot, have your hair, makeup, and lashes done upon arrival! You can do these either by yourself or by a professional. It’ whatever you need to do to feel more confident and glamorous. Just be sure you do what looks like you!

02. Do NOT wash your hair the day of your shoot. I would wash it the night before. The natural oils in your hair will help your hair style ‘hold’ better. If you must wash your hair the day of, don’t show up to your session with wet or damp hair.

03. Wear loose clothing before the shoot so you prevent marks on your skin. Avoid wearing socks, underwear, or a bra to the session as well because these tend to leave lines on your skin and these are difficult to remove in photos.

04. Use clear deodorant…for obvious reasons…

05. Bring at least 2 outfits to your session plus a plain bra and thong set in nude or black. It’s always good to have these staple items with us during a shoot.

06. Don’t forget the shoes! Tall….Sexy HIGH heels! Tall quirky socks or leg warmers can be quite sexy as well. Consider a favorite sports jersey or dress shirt or tie that belongs to your significant other. A simple and casual dress tie can be sexier than you think!

07. Don’t do anything drastic to your body/skin right before the session – IF you must have a haircut, hair treatment, facial, tan, wax, or tweeze; do this several days before so your body has time to recover.

08. Stop tanning at least three days before your shoot. If you don’t normally tan….DON’T start! Tanning beds and spray tans can make you look orange.

09. Take care of any waxing/shaving in the sensitive areas (such as bikini line) at least the 2-3 days before to avoid irritation and redness.

10. I recommend a manicure and pedicure for your session, your nails will show up in close ups. Or take off any remaining nail polish you currently have…chipped nails are not cute!

11. Make sure you drink plenty of water 24 hours before to avoid dehydration and looking tired. Do NOT drink alcohol the night before and make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. A boudoir session is more of a workout than you think!

12. And most importantly: get ready to HAVE FUN!

P.S. – Interested in having a boudoir session? Sign up for our fall mini sessions! More details can be found here!

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