Do I need a Second Shooter?


August 27, 2017

One question I get asked a lot from potential brides is, “Will you have a second shooter with you at my wedding?”.

My answer is always YES!

Having a second photographer at your wedding is critical to me and it should be to you too!

Here are the top reasons I think a second shooter is valuable at a wedding, and why I think you should make sure you have one:

01. A different perspective to the wedding day

Since the main photographer and second shooter are literally in two different positions (or sometimes two different places), this allows you to get a variety of images. The photographers can capture two different perspectives of your wedding day at the same time. This allows you to receive a greater variety of images in your wedding album.

02. Two photographers = Two people in different places

There are parts of the wedding day where the wedding party and guests are split up. Usually in the morning the bride and bridesmaids are in one location, and the groom and groomsmen (those groomsmen need a little love too!) are in another. By having two photographers they can split up and ensure to get photographs of your whole wedding party even when you’re not all together.

There are also times when the wedding party is taking portraits and the guests are mingling…now you can have one photographer doing portraits and another capturing your guests!

I think you get the idea…two people in two different places is a huge advantage to capturing your wedding day!

As a bride and groom there is so much of your wedding day that you don’t get to see. By having two photographers you can experience a lot of your wedding day from the guests perspective through photographs.

03. An Insurance Policy

This has never happened to me (knock on wood), but it is possible to have some sort of camera malfunction or equipment failure. Perhaps the film gets damaged in some way or the CF card (digital camera) is damaged and you loose your pictures….this is truly my worst nightmare. Let’s hope it never happens!

BUT if there did happen to be some sort of equipment failure for any reason, a second shooter would ensure that every moment was still captured and that you would get your whole wedding day captured. This is probably the BIGGEST reason why I always want a second shooter at a wedding. You only get one wedding day, so I always want to do whatever I can to capture every special moment no matter what.

04. More coverage in less time

Having two people covering your wedding day allows for more photos to be taken. Obviously right?

Well this means that two photographers can take more photos of your details in less time. Again…two photographers = two people in two different places at one time! So while one photographer is doing portraits the other could be photographing the details of the reception space and ceremony! This means that your photographers don’t need as much coverage time to capture all those details. This is great news for you because you don’t have to worry as much about extending your photography hours!

* Note: Each photographer does work a little differently though, so talk with your wedding photographer on how to best utilize your coverage time so that your whole wedding day gets photographed well.

05. Capturing special moments

There are so many beautiful moments that happen on a wedding day in a flash. By having two photographers at your wedding, it is more likely that all those special moments and details get captured.

Trust me…you don’t want that moment when your groom sees you for the first time to be missed! In this example, what I love is that one photographer can be capturing the grooms reaction to seeing you, and the other photographer can be capturing you (the bride) as you see your groom! With both sets of images you can get a complete story about that amazing moment on your wedding day!

Well friends….I hope you see the benefits to having a second shooter at your wedding. When you are booking a wedding photographer be sure to ask them if they will have a second shooter at your wedding. The answer should always be yes (in my opinion!)! It is SO worth it!

Featured Image: Taken by me while second shooting with JB Marie Photography

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