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July 30, 2017

I love film. I love shooting in film. I’m obsessed with film!

If you’re not a photographer, you’re probably thinking, “I didn’t realize people even still used film!” and “Why are you so weird about this whole film thing?”.

Well….I’m happy (Actually thrilled is more like it!) to tell you that many incredible and talented photographers use film to photograph weddings and all sorts of events. Film photography is a huge part of the fine art photography industry today because film images are breathtaking. Film photographers are capturing memories in the most gorgeous way possible(at least I think so!), and I am so grateful I can be one of them.

I realize that for all my non-photographers out there that all this ‘film talk’ can be kind of confusing and seem unimportant. I totally get that! It is weird. But I have a love and passion for film because film photography is classic, timeless, and lovely. So here we are. My goal is to help you see why I’m such an advocate for film.

Welcome to my film series!

I’m super excited to share with you my heart behind my love for film photography, and why I choose to capture life in film. I hope that by the end of this series that you too will see the beauty and value in film photography, and feel more educated on it’s purpose in preserving your memories.

So why film?

Film images have vibrant colors!

The color in film photographs  is stunning. The color quality is true to life and gives a rich and classic look to photographs that digital images simply can’t match. Film images have classic color tones that are timeless and will never go out of style.

Creamy and dreamy skin tones!

Film has a way of softening skin tones and creating a beautiful warmth in every image. The skin tones and feeling you get from a film image bring so much life and dimension to every photograph.

Timeless Images!

Film images have an heriloom feeling about them. They capture details in an image that digital photography doesn’t pick up on in the same way.

I truly believe that film photography is so valuable. I believe that film photographs capture and preserve legacy in a beautiful way. I can’t wait to share more and continue this series about my why behind film photography and why using this medium best serves my clients. I can’t wait to dive into the details with you all next week.



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